The Mughal High Noon: The Ascent of Aurangzeb

The Mughal High Noon The Ascent of Aurangzeb -

by Liberty Books

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  • In the mid-seventeenth century, the sons of ailing Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan—Dara, Shuja, Aurangzeb and Murad—are locked in a fierce struggle for succession. As Shah Jahan’s treatment is kept under strict supervision, rumours begin to swirl. Is the emperor alive? Or is his death being kept a closely-guarded secret? It’s impossible to know for certain, since the spies and agents of the kingdom trade in misinformation and half-truths and only heighten the tension between the brothers. In this atmosphere of palace intrigue and chicanery—as Murad acquires a reputation for overindulgence, Dara for sensitivity and Shuja for impulsiveness—the stage seems set for a power-hungry Aurangzeb to make his ascent as emperor. However, will Aurangzeb’s quest for domination become his ultimate undoing? The Mughal High Noon, with master brushstrokes, explores questions of power, faith and contentment.
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